Austin Community University District. Austin Community university doesn’t discriminate on…

Austin Community University District. Austin Community university doesn’t discriminate on…

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Austin Community university will not discriminate based on intercourse in its academic programs and harassment that is intimate sexual physical violence are kinds of sex discrimination. Other functions can be types of sex-based discrimination and are additionally also forbidden by Austin Community university along with federal legislation whether sexually based or perhaps not and can include violence that is dating domestic violence, and stalking. You of our policy and procedures that address sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking, whether the incident occurs on or off campus as well as your rights and Austin Community College’s responsibilities because you are reporting a possible form of sex-based discrimination, Austin Community College wants to inform.

As being a complainant of intimate attack, dating physical physical physical violence, domestic physical physical violence or stalking, you can expect to get the full copy of our institution’s Prohibition of Sexual Discrimination or Sexual Violence or Sexual Harassment (“policy”). The insurance policy has procedures in position that serve to aid those that report intimate attack, domestic physical violence, dating physical physical physical violence, and stalking. These methods consist of informing you of the straight to file unlawful fees because well given that accessibility to medical, guidance and help solutions. We also provide extra treatments to stop contact between a complainant and respondent, such as for example a short-term or permanent modifications to scholastic, transport and working conditions, if fairly available. Even though university will not are powered by campus or off campus housing facilities, help with residing plans are given by linking one to available community resources. The insurance policy additionally addresses possible sanctions and interim and/or long-lasting preventative measures that Austin Community university may impose after a study through the last dedication of your control procedure. If you desire more details than is found in this handout regarding any procedure or procedure, or if you’d prefer to make a written report, make inquiries about ACC’s policy or have to request an accommodation to your educational or working plans whether or not or perhaps not you thought we would report the criminal activity to police force or campus police, contact the District Title IX Coordinator, Charlene Buckley, 5930 center Fiskville path, Austin, TX 78752, charlene., 512-223-7964.

To get hold of the Department of Education’s workplace for Civil Rights:

U.S. Department of Education workplace for Civil RightsLyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Building400 Maryland Avenue, SWWashington, DC 20202-1100

Phone: 800-421-3481 | FAX: 202-453-6012 | TDD: 800-877-8339 | Email:

What you should do if you’ve been the target of intimate attack, dating physical violence, domestic physical physical physical violence or stalking

The victim should consider seeking medical attention as soon as possible at St. David’s Medical Center (downtown or South), University Medical Center, Brackenridge, Seton Medical Center (Northwest and Williamson), and Scott & White Medical Center, (Temple) after an incident of sexual assault and domestic violence. In Texas, proof may be gathered also in the event that you decided on not to ever make a written report to police force. State law allows a person to own an intimate Assault Forensic Exam (SECURE) if the victim/survivor gets to the center within 96 hours (4 times) following the assault that is sexual consents to your assessment. A target need not are accountable to police force to acquire A assault forensic that is sexual Exam. A target isn’t needed to take part in the research or prosecution of an offense as an ailment of getting the forensic examination that is medical or even to buy the forensic part of the assessment or even for evidence collection kit. In the event that center doesn’t offer these types of services, the target must certanly be described a healthcare center that does. The facilities in the list above as well as in the chart below offer forensic (SECURE) exams and evidence collection.

Proof Preservation & Reporting

It’s important that a target of intimate assault perhaps maybe maybe not bathe, douche, smoke, modification clothes or clean the bed/linen/area where they certainly were assaulted in the event that offense happened inside the past 96 hours in order that proof, because can be required to the evidence of unlawful task, might be preserved. In circumstances of intimate attack, if victims usually do not go for forensic proof collection, healthcare providers can nevertheless treat injuries and make a plan to deal with issues of maternity and/or disease that is sexually transmitted.

Victims of sexual attack, domestic physical physical violence, stalking, and dating physical physical violence are encouraged to additionally protect proof by saving texting, immediate messages, social network pages, other communications, and maintaining images, logs or any other copies of papers, whether they have any, that might be helpful to university detectives or authorities. Even though the university highly encourages all people in its community to report these offenses to police force, it’s the victim’s option whether or otherwise not to produce such a written report and victims have actually the proper to decrease participation with all the authorities.

The District Title IX Coordinator, Charlene Buckley, 512-223-7964, or the ACC District Police at 512-223-1231 (non-emergency number) to report an incident involving a sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and dating violence, contact. ACC Police offices are found on all ACC campuses. The District Title IX Coordinator can assist any target with notifying police that is local they therefore want. The ACC District Police Department may be reached by calling 512-223-7999 in an emergency. Dialing 911 will achieve neighborhood response that is first. More information concerning the ACC District Police Department can be aquired online at: http: //www.

Requests of Protection & Different Accommodations, Preventative Measures

Austin Community College complies with Texas legislation in acknowledging sales of security released out of Texas along with other states. Any one who obtains an purchase of security should offer a duplicate to Campus Police and also the working office of the Title IX Coordinator. The District Police produces a study and acquires a duplicate for the protective purchase. A complainant may then talk with Campus Police to build up A security Action Arrange, that will be a plan for campus authorities additionally the target to lessen threat of damage while on campus or coming and going from campus. This plan of action can sometimes include, it is not restricted to: escorts, changing class location or permitting a pupil to accomplish projects from your home, etc. Protective orders can be available through calling the Travis County Attorney’s workplace at 512-854-9415. For detailed information regarding how exactly to get protective requests and crisis protective sales, and associated resources, please relate to the Victim’s Assistance Suggestions site Guide, offered by all District Police offices, in addition to workplace regarding the District Title IX Coordinator. Also, No Contact sales granted because of the university can be acquired through the District Title IX Coordinator.

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